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Hi! I’m Niki.

Website + graphic designer, educator
and digital strategist.


I treat a website as a story-telling tool,
because stories are what people happily lend their attention to.

You want people to love the experience that they have on your website. And you do this by being strategic and intentional about how you guide them through your content and connect them to your value. That is my approach and what I strive to deliver for every person that I work with.

(a few recent projects)


I love to work collaboratively. I find this is where the magic happens! We combine my skills + experience with your deep understanding of your business and overall needs. Decisions are made faster, obstacles are understood and addressed, and the final product is stronger based on our unified approach.

Below are a handful of sites created with this approach. They were done in collaboration with the client and a local branding expert.

GRAPHIC DESIGN / Whatever you envision, let’s bring it to life.

Below you’ll find a sampling of work that I’ve done for clients –
as well as some of my own screen-print designs and printed products.



I love a challenge. To tackle complexity head-on. My mind goes instantly into all the ways that I can simplify the task at hand, or weave the various elements to allow a project to come together in an organized manner.

I love to help others to do the same.


I have been building websites since 1998, working with small to medium-sized businesses, to help them to create a great online presence. I do this by working with you in the exact manner that suits you. I always build sites that are strategically structured, branded well, and deliver a great user experience.


I teach courses, workshops and give talks to help others feel confident to DIY your own website and strategy.

Currently I teach WordPress & Adobe Illustrator at Camosun College, Global Digital Communications at Royal Roads University, and I have developed an e-course for Uvic Gustavson School of Business to walk them through building an effective “personal branded” website.


With over 20 years of running multiple businesses (including retail, design, and manufacturing) I am very connected to what you need as a business owner.

Let’s connect!

 If you have any questions, or would like to discuss working together, please get in touch! I’d love to hear about your project, and how I might help out.

Fill in the form, or send me an email directly:
niki @ lightyourfire.ca