Build your own website.

A brand new online course, launching on June 5th.

a layout of the WordPress interface

We’ll guide you through each step to create
a well thought-out website
using WordPress.

With WordPress you can create and maintain a beautiful, fully-functioning website with minimal technical know-how. We keep it simple, but also include extended considerations for those who want to dig deeper.

Covering all the essentials within these three topics


Get past any inhibitions with video tutorials for each step of your web project.

From start to finish, you’ll watch how it is done.


Define your vibe & aesthetic to allow for a greater connection to your people.

We cover the elements of branding and provide tools to make it come together.


Learn about what makes great web content and how to place it on the pages to make impact.

From site structure to page layout. From words to imagery. We cover key considerations to guide your visitors through your ideas.

We support your learning in many ways:

a computer with a speach bubble

Scheduled webinars to cover FAQs

We don’t want to leave you hanging, and will have short sessions answering top FAQs (frequency to be determined)

speach bubbles - representing discussion

Discussion groups for shared learning

For each course module we have discussion boards for you to ask your questions, and see what others have asked and answered as well.

a worksheet and a pencil

Worksheets and checklists

If there is a step that can be simplified by mapping it out – we’ve got worksheets to help you organize your thoughts.

a computer screen with a link on it

Links to valuable tools and resources

A huge part of completing a web project is having access to the right tools and resources.

Sources for inspiration

Many people get stuck at the point where they need to get a ‘vision’ for how their site might look. We’ve got some great examples and inspiration for how your website pages could be laid out.

WordPress logo with a hand planning out websit content on paper

$395 USD

The course opens up for learning on June 5th. You will have access to the course for 6 months from the start-date.

Any questions? Feel free to get in touch

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