Here you’ll find an assortment of website and design projects.

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I treat a website as a story-telling tool,
because stories are what people happily lend their attention to.

You want people to love the experience that they have on your website. And you do this by being strategic and intentional about how you guide them through your content and connect them to your value. That is my approach and what I strive to deliver for every person that I work with.

I needed a beautiful website. I worked with Niki Campbell and amazing things happened.

Niki’s process was a breath of fresh air. Her ability to expertly guide the project forward was compelling and exactly what I needed. I felt she ‘got me’ allowing her skills around design to artfully unfold what I wanted to convey to the world. As we worked side-by- side, she immediately pulled the necessary information from me which allowed her to act as architect, then presto, a website that totally rocked, emerged. Real-time collaboration, is design alchemy.


The Mojo Maker

Niki Campbell is wonderfully creative, intuitive, efficient with time and a budget and incredibly fun to work with.
Her vast knowledge and experience with website design allows for a painless web development experience. She is gifted at stoking the creative flames within and thus the phrase “light your fire” is fitting! Thanks so much for helping me create two beautiful websites.

Brandi Allen


GRAPHICS DESIGNS. Whatever you envision, let’s bring it to life.

Below you’ll find a sampling of work that I’ve done for clients –
as well as some of my own screen-print designs and printed products.


I love to work collaboratively. I find this is where the magic happens! We combine my skills + experience with your deep understanding of your business and overall needs. Decisions are made faster, obstacles are understood and addressed, and the final product is stronger based on our unified approach.

Below are a handful of sites created with this approach. They were done in collaboration with the client and a local branding expert.

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