A bit about me.

Hi, I’m Niki. 

Website + graphic designer, educator and digital strategist.

I love a challenge. To tackle complexity head-on. My mind goes instantly into all the ways that I can simplify the task at hand, or weave the various elements to allow a project to come together in an organized manner.

And I love to help others to do the same.

What I’ve been up to, in my working life:


I have been building websites since 1998, working with small to medium-sized businesses, to help them to create a great online presence. I do this by working with you in the exact manner that suits you. I always build sites that are strategically structured, branded well, and deliver a great user experience.


I teach courses, workshops and give talks to help others feel confident to DIY your own website and strategy.

Currently I teach WordPress & Adobe Illustrator at Camosun College, Global Digital Communications at Royal Roads University, and I have developed an e-course for Uvic Gustavson School of Business to walk them through building an effective “personal branded” website.


With over 20 years of running multiple businesses (including retail, design, and manufacturing) I am very connected to what you need as a business owner.


Interested in building your own site?

Check out the new e-course.