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Hear from other who have worked with me, to get a sense of my process, and the way I go about supporting their success!

I needed a beautiful website. I worked with Niki Campbell and amazing things happened.

Niki’s process was a breath of fresh air. Her ability to expertly guide the project forward was compelling and exactly what I needed. I felt she ‘got me’ allowing her skills around design to artfully unfold what I wanted to convey to the world. As we worked side-by- side, she immediately pulled the necessary information from me which allowed her to act as architect, then presto, a website that totally rocked, emerged. Real-time collaboration, is design alchemy.


Niki Campbell is wonderfully creative, intuitive, efficient with time and a budget and incredibly fun to work with.
Her vast knowledge and experience with website design allows for a painless web development experience. She is gifted at stoking the creative flames within and thus the phrase “light your fire” is fitting! Thanks so much for helping me create two beautiful websites.

Brandi Allen

Niki is an absolute professional who has the ability to meet her clients where they are at. She always eases our fears around the technical side of things. Whatever it is that we want and need, whether it is from a seed of an idea to a fully developed idea, Niki has this great ability to sift through it all and comes back with the perfect solutions! I highly recommend Niki to anyone starting out in a business to even the most seasoned professional. She is the perfect resource to have in your back pocket!

Janelle Breese Biagioni Heads Together Think Tanks

Niki is a dream to work with. Truly. I’ve worked with Niki on several projects and I always appreciate how she brings a creative project to life – from logo, to website, to marketing materials and everything in between. Her ability to see the big picture and drill it down into quantifiable bits is a gift, along with her keen eye, attention to detail and beautiful creative abilities.

If there was a 10 star rating, she’d get that from me.

Deb Alcadinho, Business 4 Social Good | Westshore Women's Business Network.

I am so grateful for your interest in working with me.

I am always looking to how I can help others navigate the complexities of their websites and all of the other digital tools required to put it to work for you and market your offerings.

My whole journey as been an accumulation of many tools and insighs into how to communicate your value is the most simple fashion. I have learned some important ways of thinking that allow me to stay on traack and get past common obstacles. And regardless of how you decide to work with me, I will share any of those tips and tools with you.