How do I start a course?

Once you have found the best course for you, please proceed to the checkout and submit your payment. Once payment is received, you will be emailed a confirmation receipt and summary of your new account. You can begin the course the moment your payment is processed.

Are these courses suitable for me if I already have a website?

Each course has a full outline and description. Those should help you to determine if you will learn what you need to learn from them. If you still have questions, feel free to get in touch with any questions.

I already know WordPress. Am I going to learn anything from your courses?

If you already know WordPress – you have a great advantage for our courses.  But that is not everything when it comes to building a website.

We dig deep: learning how to brand, design, customize, and build your website.  We delve into many branding considerations to help you make impact. You’ll learn how to make a logo, generate a brand colour palette, create effective content, and how to effectively source & use imagery. We will be strategic with your content and how you structure it.  And finally we weave it altogether using the WordPress platform – showing you all the function and knowledge you’ll need to launch your site successfully.

How long do your courses take to complete?

It depends on how much dedicated time you feel like committing to the project. Some learners can action each task and move on quickly, while others relish in the creative process and decision-making. You will have access to course materials for 6 months-1 year (depending on each course)

How do your courses differ from free tutorials online?

There is indeed a lot of information online.

In our experience we’ve found most people get lost in endless hours of searching, and get paralyzed with information overload, unsure of the best solution for their needs.

These courses are crafted for simplicity, built into a concise curriculum that will take you step by step through the most important considerations of branding, designing and building your website.

Do I need to be technically inclined to take your courses?

If you are familiar with navigating the internet, downloading, organizing and storing files, and finding folders & files on your computer, you should be fine. If you are concerned – get in touch.